identity statement

We are a community called by God to love and serve all people through a mission of bold action, radical hospitality, inclusivity, and stewardship of all creation.

Vision statement

With Jesus Christ as our model and the Holy Spirit as inspiration, we boldly live our faith in God as disciples, serving each other, this church, our community, and all people while working to bring God's justice and peace to the world.

Mission Statement

We welcome all, extending the hospitality of Christ by comforting those in need, and celebrating together the joys of life.

We worship God through music, prayer, and Word, celebrating the gifts of the Spirit, nurturing our faith, and challenging our complacency.

We study and teach the Gospel to prepare for discipleship, enabling each of us - wherever we are in life's journey - to grow in faith.

We commit to being generous stewards of our gifts  - time, talents, resources, and, indeed, our lives.

We pray and work for peace, equality and the well-being of the earth and all its peoples.