Passionate, Progressive, Purposeful

MAtthew 25 & Covenant Network

Vitality, Justice, Compassion, & Full inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons

There is great joy to be found in meaningful commitments. The “I Dos” at a wedding show covenantal promise and primacy. The “I Dos” of the baptismal vows declare a willingness to be known as God’s own. The “I Dos” of ordination proclaim a person as an active disciple of Jesus the Christ. Each “I Do” invests in a way of being and serves as a guide for what is worthy of our precious lives.


In July 2022, the Session and Deacons of The Presbyterian Church in Geneva gathered for a joint meeting of the leadership teams. We learned, laughed, prayed, cried, and sought wisdom to show us the way to be most faithful as a gathered people of God in such a time as this. We consulted Scripture, took note of our church history as well as current mission statements, acknowledged the deep needs of our neighbors, and recognized the extraordinary potential of making meaningful commitments. At the end of this gathering, the present members of Session unanimously voted to say, “We Do!”


We do believe in the focus, purpose, message and meaning of the Matthew 25 movement of the Presbyterian Church (USA). We will focus our shared ministry on the priorities of this movement:


          *Building Congregational Vitality

          *Dismantling Structural Racism

          *Eradicating Systemic Poverty


We choose to be a member church of this national community. We will do so recognizing the unique gifts, challenges, capacities, and place this church holds in the community of Geneva, NY.


We do also recognize and celebrate the fully beloved nature of God’s people who identify in the LGBTQ+ community. We will delight in covenantal love shared. We will be open to receiving gifts offered by all of God’s children. We will advocate for those who are made vulnerable by unjust systems of exclusion. We will seek to share a community that passionately attempts to represent the diversity and beauty of the kin-dom of God. We choose to pursue this vision as a member church of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians.


This entire fall our congregation has shared in both worship and education focused on the Biblical foundations for inclusion, service, and engagement in the world. We have learned and been reminded that the principles which inform both “Matthew 25” churches, and the Covenant Network, are Christ-like.  


This Sunday, November 20th, 2022, we are making public and official the formal affiliation of The Presbyterian Church in Geneva, NY, with both the Matthew 25 movement of the PCUSA, and the Covenant Network of Presbyterians.


These meaningful commitments will serve as touchstones along the way as our congregation together creates, participates, and celebrates the next season of ministry in this church which has always sought to love God and our neighbors.


With joy and expectation, together we serve.


The Session of The Presbyterian Church in Geneva, NY


Rev. Colin E. Pritchard (Pastor and Head of Staff)

2024 Missions Offering Schedule

The Presbyterian Church in Geneva has a proud history of active local mission and generous support for others doing God’s good work in the world. We currently focus our giving on the  commitments made to the PCUSA’s “Matthew 25 movement”, the Covenant Network, and in partnership with the Presbyterian Women: Congregational Vitality, Dismantling Structural Racism, Eradicating Systemic Poverty, Full Inclusion and Advocacy for LGBTQIA+ persons, and working to Eliminate the Oppression of any of God’s Children.


We provide four (4) significant opportunities a year for the congregation to financially support various missions in these areas. Below you will find details regarding the focus and funds distribution of each offering.


Easter Season “One Great Hour of Sharing” (Disaster Assistance & Hunger Relief)


Local: The first $5000 from our Palm Sunday Auction supports our local missions budget which distributes over $10,000 annually to our mission partners in Geneva and Ontario County. Additional funds from the auction add to the OGHS offering and are disbursed as noted below.


Presbyterian Women “Birthday Offering” (10%): this supports major capital improvement mission needs in areas such as agricultural development, child care, employment training and economic justice.


National (90%): Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and Self-Development of People - all working to serve individuals and communities in need. From initial disaster response to ongoing community development, their work fits together to provide people with safety, sustenance, and hope.


Spring “Pentecost Offering” (Support for Vulnerable Children and Youth)


Local (40%): Our local portion has been used to support the Child Advocacy Center of the Finger Lakes in Canandaigua, and the Covenant Network.


Presbyterian Women (20%): for Church World Service “Blankets and Tools” which provides congregations with the resources to support disaster response and rights-based community development projects in communities around the world.


National (40%): The Pentecost Offering unites us in a church-wide effort to support young people and inspire them to share their faith, ideas, and unique gifts with the church and the world. These funds support children-at-risk, youth, and young adults through ministries of the Presbyterian Mission Agency.


Fall “Peace and Global Witness” (Peace and Justice Work)


Local (40%): Our local portion has been used to support Ontario County Youth Court and Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes.


Presbyterian Women (20%): for Church World Service “Blankets and Tools” continued.


National (40%): A gift to the Peace & Global Witness Offering enables the church to promote the Peace of Christ by addressing systems of conflict and injustice across the world used by the Presbyterian Mission Agency to advocate for peace and justice in cultures of violence, including our own, through collaborative projects of education and Christian witness.


Winter “Christmas Joy Offering” (Education and Vulnerable Persons Assistance)


Local (40%): Our local portion typically goes to support the Community Lunch program and Center of Concern Food Pantry.

schools and colleges equipping communities of color.

Presbyterian Women (20%): “Thank Offering” which is used for small grants supporting programmatic projects such as training, advocacy, hunger alleviation.


National (40%): By giving to the Christmas Joy Offering, you honor God's gift of Jesus Christ by providing assistance to current and retired church workers in their time of need and developing our future leaders at Presbyterian-related schools and colleges equipping communities of color.


All offerings received through the church for mission will be distributed as noted above unless otherwise requested.


We are pleased to also raise awareness of these additional ways to support missions in our area:


Baby Boxes (Jane Gerling @,

BluePrint Geneva (,

Geneva Center of Concern (,

Community Lunch Program (,

Family Promise of Ontario County (,

Boys & Girls Club (,

Geneva Reads (,

Habitat for Humanity (,

SERRV Fair Trade Gift Shop (,

Souper Bowl of Caring (,

Cents-Ability Program, and others.