Church Leadership

The Presbyterian Church is led by our Session of Elders

who are led by the Spirit.

Our Board of Deacons serve as the heart and hands of Christ in this community, and take the lead for helping the community as a whole to be compassionate, hospitable, prayerful, and healing for the beloved children of God.

    Church Staff

    PCG is blessed to have a professional staff team who support the mission and ministry of the church.

    Office Administrator          -     Colleen VanAllan

    Building Administrator     -     Alan Schenck

    Finance Administrator      -     Alan Schenck

    Parish Nurse                        -      Beth Nicholas

    Christian Education           -      Kathy Breese

    Custodian                             -      Mark DeRuyter

    Organist                                -      Linda Cox

    Music/Choir Director         -      Richard Cox

    Nursery Care                        -      Deb Drennen

    All Staff can be contacted by phoning/emailing the office.